Going remote

How we're adjusting to Covid-19

McGill has announced that the Fall 2020 semester will be offered primarily through remote delivery. Here’s what we’re doing to accommodate the current situation:

Will the hackathon be hosted remotely?

Yes, CodeJam 2020 will proceed remotely. More details will follow shortly! 🔥

Can I attend CodeJam if I’m not in Montreal?

We encourage you to register even if you’re not physically in Montreal. You will have full access to the remote hackathon; the only obstacle will be the difference in timezone. Get ready with a cup of coffee! ☕

Are company representatives going to be present at CodeJam 2020?

We thank all of your sponsors for accommodating the current situation. Although we cannot host an in-person tech fair, rest assured that: mentors will be available online to help you with your project, recruiters will host information sessions and fireside chats, and workshops will be provided remotely.

Your question wasn’t listed?

Say hi at codejam@mcgilleus.ca or DM us on Facebook. We’ll respond ASAP! 📧